Voltech Company offers mobile welding and reconstruction.


Our specialists carry out the reconstruction of the internal cylindrical surfaces of machine parts and mechanisms by welding and boring. Works are carried out using special equipment to handle 30-400 mm diameter holes spaced along the length of 2.5 m, which is sufficient for most types of construction equipment.


The process of restoration


Repair and restoring the following parts, components and mechanisms:

– seats pins and bushings;

– eyelets bucket and boom;

– joints;

– bearing seats;

– coaxial connection frames of  loader.


Also, we perform welding work on the repair excavationing, loading and lifting machines, namely:

– restoration of the structural integrity of attachments;

– restoration or installation of lining elements for ladles and dumps;

– repair of excavator arrows;

– conversion of attachments;

– manufacturing of metal structures according to customer’s specifications.


Renewal is an economy, at times and  facilities, the method of repairing, and in many cases, it is the only possible method of returning the mechanism in exploitation.



For more information, please call:

050 383  75 72

e-mail: naplavka@voltech.com.ua


Before restorationAfter restoration