Trade-In – is an  easy way to a new construction equipment.


Any company that has in its fleet any construction machine, sooner or later face the problem of its depreciation and obsolescence. In such cases, the service “trade-in” (Trade-In) becomes really convenient and beneficial way of investment.

Trade-in  provides opportunities for the exchanging  used equipment into new  one or used equipment from commission platform of “Voltech”, with an additional charge of one of the parties  the cost difference.



– economy of time. There is not a necessity to wait for a customer, while an old technique will be sold;

– it is an economy of money. You pay a difference only, between the cost of your old technique, that is estimated by our specialists, and new technique, chosen by you from that offered by our company;

– it is a possibility to avoid productive outages and expenses. Rapid replacement of technique allows to avoid outages,  not slowing down productive processes.


Under Trade-In, company “Voltech” take care of all selling your old equipment and provide all the necessary documents for the purchase of a new one.



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