Enhanced security and performance in the operation of underground mining operations


Key characteristics:
Companies leading underground mining are constantly seeking ways to improve performance.

However, in such working conditions as limited space , a high degree of heating of tires and a large amount of debris, it is difficult to achieve productivity growth.
New tire MICHELIN XTXL significantly improves security and performance not only machines, Markets 33 – inch tires, but now the machines on which tires are fitted with a bore diameter of 25 inches.

Sary due to the increase by 10%, resistance to puncture by 20% and capacity by 30% (compared to the previous generation tires), the new tire MICHELIN XTXL helps companies maintain effective underground mining.

Autumn 2013 lineup tire MICHELIN XTXL replenished with two new sizes: 26.5R25 and 29.5R25. Through this expansion, high-quality tires MICHELIN XTXL will be equipped with more types of machines.

Extrapolating 33 -inch technology on the bus with a bore diameter of 25 inches, experts Michelin tire MICHELIN XTXL made ​​more effective, giving it a range of qualities, specially designed for difficult operating conditions in underground mining operations.

In terms of design tire MICHELIN XTXL has the highest resistance in the segment. Reinforced steel cord layers provide increased bus load, decreasing the probability of a puncture by 20%. Increased capacity is achieved, and an enlarged diameter greater resistance ropes of steel cord, so that the bus can operate at an elevated air pressure.

Two new sizes of tires MICHELIN XADN + 23.5R25 26.5R25.
Increased safety , maneuverability and versatility on the job sites

Key features:

On such major infrastructure work sites, such as career, machines should always work, despite the changeable weather and difficult road conditions.
To satisfy the requirements of flexibility and availability, trucks with articulated buses must be equipped with reliable , perfectly tailored to their characteristics.
This purpose was set last year with the release of the market tires MICHELIN XADN + size 29.5R25. This year’s lineup expanded size 23.5R25 and 26.5R25.
Providing a higher level of security and having increased by 15% lifetime compared to the previous generation bus XADN new tire MICHELIN XADN + improves performance work in quarries and large-scale infrastructure worksites.
Barely a year after the market launch of the new tire MICHELIN XADN + most popular size 29.5R25 for articulated dump trucks operating on public job sites and quarries , Michelin introduces new tire sizes for a complete set of machines for more types.

Thanks to the new standard sizes in the line of Michelin tires available for all types of articulated dump trucks.

The new tire has attracted operators work sites and quarries that require more versatility. Tire MICHELIN XADN + differs improved performance during the construction of roads or sand quarries, mining companies with open-pit mining. Due to this it provides a much higher level of safety and performance in any type of operation.

Tires MICHELIN XADN + contribute to the profitability of operations. They optimize uptime articulated dump trucks.
In quarries, as well as in large-scale job sites, increased plant availability results in increased productivity .