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Company  Voltech  LTD successfully works in the construction equipment area since 2005..

Voltech  LTD cooperates with lots of companies in our country, which chose Volvo, Manitou and Mustang building machines, which are characterized by the achievement of high results while performing different jobs - construction, mining, wood, stone quarrying, construction materials and services in the public sector etc.

"Voltech  LTDoffers a wide spector of special equipment for all areas of production, types of work and services (see Site catalog) .

Integrated approach in selling machinery, supplying of spare parts and consumables guarantees you full service warranty and post- warranty service.

In its work, the company "
Voltech  LTD" follows the basic principles:

            - qualified service support for highly productive machines;
            - long-term and fruitful cooperation with our customers.


We are the partners of our clients.

special offers
Technique with working hours
  • Volvo EC300D
    Volvo EC300D
    • Year 2012
    • Work time
  • Volvo EC210B
    Volvo EC210B
    • Year 2013
    • Work time 0
  • Volvo EC55B
    Volvo EC55B
    • Year 2006
    • Work time 4900
    Price 31 000 USD
  • Volvo EC180B
    Volvo EC180B
    • Year 2006
    • Work time 10500
    Price 72000 USD
  • Volvo L220E
    Volvo L220E
    • Year 2006
    • Work time 17000
    Price 130000 USD
  • Volvo ECR88
    Volvo ECR88
    • Year 2006
    • Work time 5900
    Price 36000 USD


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